Why lifestyle photography?

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

"Authenticity is really important, and sometimes that's really hard to get."  ~Tom Freston

Hi!  Welcome, and I'm glad you are here.  You may be looking at my style and wondering "where are all the pretty posed people?"  Well, I thought I would take a moment to share with you about why I choose lifestyle photography and what it is about this style that so tugs at my heart.

I pretty much can sum it up in 3 words.

1.  Authentic.


Posed, portrait images are beautiful.  Don't get me wrong.  And they have their place.  But there is one thing they are missing.

Authentic, real interactions between the subjects.  When you look back on a portrait, you see a snapshot in time of someone's face at that time in their life.  But do you see who they ARE.  What made the relationship special or unique?

2.  Family.


When I first picked up the camera in 2012, it was with one purpose in mind.  To capture my growing family in a very real, honest and beautiful way.  So when my kids were grown, we had beautiful images to remind us of days gone by.  My oldest daughter was 2.5 and my son was 6 months.  One of my favorite books to look at is one I put together after my first 365 project - and I can go back through that year and see all that we did.  And how my children grew.  And changed.

3. Life


Let's be honest.  Life is messy.  It's not always rainbows and roses.  But isn't that also what makes it beautiful?  Yes, the house is a mess.  The kids are fighting.  The toddler has cleaned out the pantry and thrown flour all over the floor.  In a few years - they will be grown and the house will be clean.  And quiet.  And you will miss the noise and the mess.  So why not embrace it?


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