4 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Family Photographer

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When you decide to make updates on your home, you put a lot of time, effort and research into choosing just the right person for the job.  You look at samples of their work, have multiple conversations, evaluate recommendations and request bids.  So why would you trust just anyone to capture your family's memories on film?  Here are 5 benefits to hiring a professional photographer to capture your memories:


1.  Education - It's more than just fancy equipment.

A professional has put a lot of time and effort into learning the essentials of photography.  It is about more than just standing and looking at a camera and waiting for the "say cheese!" (Also...let's stop the "say cheese" tradition.  It doesn't lead to natural smiles - but more about that in another post!)  There are many things to take into consideration when you set up an image.  Quality and direction of the light, composition of the photo, interactions among the subjects.  A professional has spent years honing these skills and learning what goes into creating the "perfect" image.  You wouldn't hire a contractor just because they had a flashy tool or expensive truck, so why hire a photographer just based on their camera?

2.  Style

When you hire a professional, the photos will be more than just a half formed snapshot.  They aren't just a grainy cell phone snap of a random moment with poor lighting.  A professional will put thought and effort into situations surrounding the image, the light, the location and will work with you to gain as authentic of an emotion as they can.  My goal when working with clients is to get them to relax and interact as if the camera were not in the equation and provide as authentic of an interaction as I can get.  Some of my all time favorite images are what some may consider "outtakes" but to me, represent a beautiful example of the relationship between the subjects.


3.  Inclusion - You will also be IN the picture.

If you are like me, then you are always the one capturing the moment....and never the one included in the moment.  Hiring a professional can give you - and your children - memories of you as well interacting with them.  And these are things they will treasure far more than anything else you can give them.


4.  Cooperation - Your children tend to behave better for another photographer

Have you ever noticed how your children tend to give those perfect smiles and expressions when someone else pulls out the camera as opposed to you?  Mine are "photographers" children, so I definitely see their tendency to avoid the camera if it's in my hands.  It's in their faces more than they care!  But I am always amazed at how my oldest, especially, will whip out the most beautiful smile on demand if someone else asks her to as opposed to me.

When it's all said and done, family photos are an investment - just like maintaining your home.  Find a trusted photographer and rely on them to capture your memories for years to come.

If you like my style, please contact me and we can discuss your investment and how best to capture your family on "film."


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