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November 29, 2016  •  3 Comments

Rain boots and sundresses and muddy sidewalks.  It's dancing like no one sees and wearing shirts long past when you've grown out of them. Lifestyle, Photography, ChildhoodChildhood

Lifestyle, Photography, ChildhoodChildhood

What is something unique about your children that stands out to you?


Mary Lou(non-registered)
What stands out to me about my son? Matthew is totally sweet and without a trace a cynicism. I know that's not unique among kids, but I interact with so many cynical adults it's refreshing to experience the world through his honest, guileless, and wondering eyes. The world still holds sweetness and magic for him. And that, in turn, brings joy to those around him.
Lisa M Grace Photography
It's crazy how early the personalities form, isn't it? So much fun watching them grow.
Asher's personality even at 2 months stands out to me. He'll smile and I forget about things for a while. He's definitely independent and takes after his dad lol but I can't imagine my life without him now.
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